My name is Holly but i go by Hollz. I blog about what i want. I am pretty much head over heels in love with FOB, BTR & 5SOS. Kendall Schmidt & Ashton Irwin have ruined my life.I am a proud canadian who loves her hockey and her country. Music + Concerts + Friends= My Life <3 Feel free to talk i dont bite ;)

Upcoming Concerts

August 23- Rhinna & Eminem

August 30- Paramore & Fall Out Boy

September 12- Heffron Drive

September 13- Heffron Drive

September 18- Ed Sheeran

October 13- You Me At Six

October 20- MKTO, Christina Perri & Demi Lovato

October 22- Tonight Alive & Mayday Parade



say hello to my new merch i picked up today! 
i freaking love them all can’t wait to wear them! 

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